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04-22-2008, 01:04 PM
I recently purchased a TITAN C Series VFD/vector drive part number CL-003-C2-1P. Can be seen at www.cerusindustrial.com I am for the most part very happy with this device it works for my application. However recently I decided that I would like to de-accel faster and went to purchase the braking resistor package mentioned in the documentation. Well to make a long story short it doesn't exist. The drive supports braking resistors but they don't manufacture any for it. I am on the weak side electronically which brings me to my question. Do I need to trash the drive and buy one that i can purchase resistors for? or can I take a resistor package from another drive package and work some magic on it? Is there a DIY cheap solution to this problem?

Motor Information in case it helps
US Motors
PH 3 Cycles 18/49/172
Volts 220/220/86
Amps 6.2/1/9.8
4 Pole
Rpm 500/1420/5000
5 HP not on plate acoording to documentation
This motor came off a BTC Bridgeport Mill

Old Megawatts
04-26-2008, 11:41 PM
This may have been answered already but here is my info. I have a Teco-Westinghouse VFD that is a three horse but in my book they recommend a 40 ohm, 390 W resistor for their 5 hp. drive.
You can order two Mouser P/N 71-HL225-80 ohm, resistors and parallel them. This would give you 40 ohms at 450 Watts. When you parallel two resistors, you reduce the ohmic value by half but you increase the wattage by a multiple of two. I don't know what value is recommended for your motor but this is one way to do it. You will have to order the mounting brackets for the resistors also. P/N 71-205-225. Anyway, you get the idea. A resistor is a resistor as long as the ohmic value and the wattage is correct for the job at hand.
It is best to mount these where they can get some cooling and should be inside a screen enclosure as there will be voltage on them when stopping.


04-28-2008, 05:54 PM
Thank you for your help I will give that a try.