View Full Version : Okuma LC20 With Milling/Live Tooling ???

02-20-2008, 10:41 PM
Hi! I have an older 1987 Okuma LC20 4 axis Simulturn with live tooling. I am getting ready to sell it, but had a question. We cannot get the Caxis to joint for milling when we use the M110 command. Last night it rotated the main spindle for a sec (like with a zero positioning) and then was trying to joint for about 30 secs when it errored out with a 164 alarm saying joint command wouldn't work. While doing this, you could hear the hydraulic pump trying to work. Anyway, today it sounds like it is trying to turn the motor and then throws an immediate error. We know the gears are good and all engaged (when you turn the toolholder by hand you can see the shaft in the motor turn). The only thing we could think of is that we do not have enough power. We are trying to test this from a 15hp phase converter. It will not turn the spindle and move anything else at the same time, becuase there is not enough power. Anyone have any ideas??

Also, If I can not get this to work I am still going to sell. Anyone have any idea what this machine is worth? Is it worth more as spare parts? Everything else seems to work. It has 5 good BDU drive units and brushless motors. Also have 12 live tooling holders (6 straight/6 at angle).



02-22-2008, 03:01 PM
THose machinesare a little finniky about what line some of the codes are in and whether it is in its own line or not. Can you lock it in MDI with a simple M110