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02-09-2008, 11:21 PM
I just upgraded my x & y axis controllers to Keling KL-8056 drivers. Prior to the upgrade I was using linistepper drivers with a 12v supply running the motors in unipolar mode. With the KL-8056 drivers I am running 38v in bipolar parallel mode. All I can say is WOW. Prior to the upgrade, I could cut through just about anything, but could only cut and rapid move at 10 - 15 ipm. After the upgrade, I can rapid at over 300 ipm !!! However at this speed, I can easily use my hand to stall the movement, so I dropped the speed down a little at a time until I can no longer stop the machine by hand at 150 ipm. In fact if I push on an axis, the machine will tip itself over instead of stalling. (The machine weighs about 120 lbs). Additional information, I am using NEMA 34 motors rated at 6.0v 2.0A (unipolar rating). The drive screws are 5 turn 3/4" diameter ball screws.

When I bought these controllers, I could hardly find any information about them on the web or this forum. Has anyone else used these controllers? If so what was your experience?

An interesting point of information. With these drivers, I was able to reach the following maximum speeds using Mach3. The motors stall when unloaded at speeds right above these speeds. This is with the router removed from the machine, but otherwise the motors are physically moving the machine.

Full Step - 40 ipm
Half Step - 52 ipm
1/4 Step - > 300 ipm
1/8 Step - 275 ipm

I thought that as you increased microstepping that the torque of the motor dropped. However by these results, it appears that I am getting the most torque and speed at 1/4 step resolution. Has anyone else seen this, or could I be doing something wrong at full and half step modes.

Well this is my first post to CNCZONE. It will surely not be the last.

John Z

02-12-2008, 07:13 PM
I just wanted to post a reply.

I increased the input voltage to the controllers to 65v. At this voltage, I can rapid at 350 ipm. I can only stall the motors if I step on the machine and push hard against the motion. At 300 ipm, I have to stand on the machine and push even harder. At 250 ipm, I stand on the machine and push against the motion, and unless I am realy leaning into it, the machine pushes me off of the table.

So, it is fair that I am very impressed with these controllers, and this was an excelent "upgrade" to my previous configuration.

Thank you very much Keling. Awesome controllers.

John Z

02-12-2008, 09:18 PM
Thank you Sir , www.kelinginc.net