View Full Version : Need Help! KL-4030 WITH GECKOS C1G BOARD WIRING HELP

02-09-2008, 09:04 PM
Hi I got a KL-4030 controller I need help to hook it up
I need to know what wires go ENA- ENA+ Dir- DIR+ PUL- PUL+ I have
GECKOS C1G board
all the wiring I have seen is for other boards could anyone please send a complet wiring for the controler and the break out board The Kit I got is CNC 3 AXIE 270 oz motors
Regards Rodney

02-11-2008, 10:26 AM
Hi Sir, connect 5+ to Dir + and Pul + . Connect to Dir- and Pul - to your C1G board ( e.g 2, or 3) Leave ENA-, ENA+ open. If you need more info, email to me at support@kelinginc.net