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12-24-2007, 12:42 PM
Has anyone had a chance to try Truemill on any 30'000 + RPM machines ? I was showing one of the owners of a large shop here in wichita and the first thing he asked is what can it do with 30'000 + RPMs, I really didnt know how to answer him because the max ive used is 12'000. What im thinking is the machine will run out of feed rate before all the RPMs will be affective. Any advise or exsperience that anyone has would be appreciated.


12-26-2007, 08:33 PM
Not expert here at all but when I run ME consultants on some cuts I would like to make (with copper and less than 1/8th endmill going full contact (180)) It tend to advise between 16000-22000 RPM depending on what endmill I put in. (And no, you won't run out of feed on these things lol) So maybe very precision milling that involves micro milling, carving, etc?

12-26-2007, 09:39 PM
30k rpm is for high speed and hard milling, in any material. Steel, titanium, aluminum, etc. Not small cutters either - 1" and 2" insert mills, with feed rates from the hundreds all the way into thousands of feet per minute. A machine with a high speed spindle usually has the drive system to handle the acceleration and high feeds necessary.

Useless to most shops, as they do not know how to take advantage of a high speed spindle and don't have an interest in pursuing it. The up front costs in fully using a high speed machine are the major factor.

12-31-2007, 01:48 AM
I know I will not run out of feed what i meant by that is that if you can run at 14'000RPM and 600 ipm than it makes since that at 30'000 rpm you can run around 1200ipm and the machine in question is a makino mag3 thats max feed is 1000 ipm. Im working on a test program for the shop right now so I will let you know the results .
At the same time if we can remove material at aprox 1000ipm we really cant complain.

12-31-2007, 12:40 PM
Ahhh Understandable. I thought speed was ultimate pursuit here too :)
Honestly the kind of cooper cut I like doing (not really but forced to) on Machinist calculator shows only 23 ipm at 16k RPM. So I thought practical limit was still 40 ipm at 30k RPM which I figured some people might prefer :)
steel and aluminum feeds are much faster so I can see for typical production this would most likely just a lot of money thrown in considering premium (power/efficiency)... Kind of nice to know :)
I hope I didn't barge in this thread too long :)