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12-10-2007, 11:42 AM
I picked up a old citizen f12. Can someone tell me how the pick off works. Does it rotate? Can it make a part with no cutoff tit?


01-09-2008, 12:12 PM
if you have win cnc, you can learn a lot about that for your machine. you might try starting both spindles in the same direction and use

G750- Pick up part with sub spindle mode. First G750 will queue with
$1 and $2, then X1 will move to return position(all the way up
safe), or optionally you can leave X1 at it's currant position
by using "G750Q1" in $1. Z1 is not moved. Next the sub spindle
will rapid in front of the part and automatically feed onto the
correct pick up position by using information from the
machining data page. If the part length is 2.0" and the back
spindle chuck position is .75" then Z2 will feed on 1.25" from
the end of the part. It is a good idea to have the cut-off tool
in place and ready, then command G750.

$1 $2
G750(Q1) G750 W.05 F80.

Q1= Only in $1. Q1 will not move X1 to a safe position. If
no Q1 then X1 moves to return position.

W.05= Rapid the sub spindle .05 away from the front of the part.

F80.= Feed rate to move to chucking position.

$1 $2
G700 G700

!L1 !L1
M3S1=2500M24S2=2500 M72
G750Q1 G750W.05F80.
!L2 M15
G1X-.1F.002 M73
M5M25 !L2
!L3 !L3

01-09-2008, 12:13 PM
that didn't post to well, so try looking at win cnc program