View Full Version : Rapid speed between cuts(plasma)

11-18-2007, 01:05 AM
Hi everyone..I am playing with the evaluation version to be used on the plasma cutting table that I am building..I set up the plasma tool to have a feed rate of 25 ipm..but my table will have a rapid speed of 50 ipm..Looking at the g code generated,it has a cut speed of 25 like it should but there is no change to make it rapid to 50ipm over to the beginning of the next cut..thru out the complete G code it stays at 25 ipm..Did I miss something in the initial setup or does it not have this feature to set rapid speeds..I am using Mach 2 plasma pause for the post processer..Mike

11-18-2007, 02:03 AM
Figured it out...
N0260 M05 ...this line shuts off the torch
N0270 G04 P0.25....this makes it pause for .25 of a second
N0280 G00 Z1.0000..when a G00 is used this makes mach go to its rapid speed set up in the motor tuning
N0290 X29.2604 Y20.2910..and then this is the point that it rapids to..

Then a couple of lines after that it resets the feed rate...All right then..thank you anyway..Mike