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water boy
11-17-2007, 12:02 AM
Hi all my name is Harry.
I completely new and green to the whole CNC thing. I would really love to build my own machine for making RC planes. I want something that uses a rotary drill i.e. Dremal style... 4 axis would be great as I would really like to do full fuse style planes. But I know its a little difficult to do...so a 3 axis is probably what I will go with, something I can cut flat foam to shape...kinda like a jig saw puzzle. You will have to excuse my ignorance as I don't know the lingo, nor do I claim to. I'm wanting to keep this fairly small...say around 4'x6'??? and fairly small budget of around 4-5 hundred. I'm pretty skilled in wood working...enough to build at least...very very little electronics exp.
Any words of wisdom and advice will be great. If I don't reply soon that means I'm reading as much as I can. Thanks for your info ahead of time.