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11-15-2007, 06:59 PM
CNC has always fascinated me, and I would love to get some actual training.

A bit about me:

Familiar with shop safety and first aid, 20+ years experience with computers and electronics, already apprenticed as a luthier (guitar maker), and I have worked with materials from stainless steel to styrofoam. I've made speaker boxes, kitchen cabinets, highly precise plastic bits for watercooled computer applications, and I can frame a house. I can do a lot with my hands, and I am familiar with using the vast majority of hand and power tools out there. The goal is to eventually develop a business making cutting boards, knife blocks, guitars, executive toys, and other high end wood products. CNC fits the bill, as it would allow high precision and faster production, while retaining the handcrafted aspect (since wood still has to be prepped and finished, plus the stock would be hand selected).

I don't want to build a factory, I want a proper shop. CNC would be part of it.