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11-12-2007, 11:26 AM
True Testimonial from Parker Hannifin Corporation:
“Before installing SpiderCool, our high-speed drill / tap machine with 2200 IPM rapids and .7-second tool change, was severely limited by inefficient coolant distribution. Due to widely differing tool lengths, and expensive special form cutters, we were forced to manually adjust the coolant loc-lines after many operations. It is impossible for us to provide enough loc-lines to cover the number of tools we use.”

“SpiderCool has eliminated this problem and improved cycle time by 40%”

The SpiderCool system is a programmable coolant nozzle that automatically aims a higher volume coolant stream at the cutting edge of every tool, regardless of length, loaded into the spindle of any vertical or horizontal machining center by the tool changer. We refer to the system as "programmable," but "teachable" is a more descriptive term because the nozzle positions are actually set and memorized by using the servo adjustment knob conveniently located on the machine's control panel. "G Codes" or "M Codes" are not used.
By eliminating manual coolant adjustments, machining centers can run without operator intervention for extended periods of time, which greatly improves cycle efficiency and yields more profit per machine hour.
Coolant is precisely aimed at the cutting edge where destructive heat is generated. Eliminating multiple "loc-lines" increases coolant velocity, and provides more coolant to the cutting edge. Chip flushing is substantially improved as well...
Time wasted adjusting coolant lines is eliminated. SpiderCool can be adjusted during setup, and while cutting. Because tool life is increased, time spent changing worn tooling and re-setting tool offsets is significantly decreased.

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01-09-2008, 03:35 PM
Check out the video...SpiderCool in action then partnered with an Accu-lube MQL system