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10-29-2007, 05:38 PM

My problem i been trying to solve for about one year is still not fix. I've made a panel in illustrator and i want to cut and engrave this in mach3. The problem is that i can't import it in laziecam. Is there anybody in this forum who speak dutch and wil help me with the setup for this drawing.

Regards Bas

10-30-2007, 04:39 PM
I'll try :).

In what format are you exporting from illustrator ?

10-30-2007, 04:47 PM

xport in dxf. I can sent you the dxf if you want.

regards Bas
msn: homecockpitbuilder@hotmail.com

10-31-2007, 01:46 PM
You'll probably have to save it in an older version of dxf (R14).

I'll pm my email adress and see what I can do.

11-10-2007, 02:29 AM
try to save it as dxf file to a autcad 2000 dxf type , when i,m saving to autocad 2004 dxf type it wont come up ore save it.

lazy cam accept 2000dxf , for me it having problems wen saving wit 2004 autocad.

veel succes !

Old Megawatts
11-12-2007, 07:49 PM
I am running AutoCad LT 2007. I export dxf in AutoCad dxf 12. I read somewhere that the older version was needed.