View Full Version : Hafco (Knee) Vertical Mill help

10-23-2007, 12:40 AM
I have just be given access to a mill which is the one seen here;


and is the HM-50. The fitter has said I can use it anytime, and currently he is away. Thing is this mill is more advanced than the old beast that I used to play on. I have the instruction manual, and that really has very little in it, but does say it is a Vertical Knee Mill. Now, since I a little new to this "talk", is "Knee" a brand or a type of mill.
Also is there a place where I can get a look at changing bits, setting the auto feeder speeds and like somewhere online?
I'm eager to start my own CNC project much like the mini one I've seen here, and have all the electronics already done. So I'm on the other end of the spectrum, I'm electronics, and have used lathes and mill before but mainly old old stuff and want to get my own CNC going.
Any good URL's much appreciated, as at the moment the machine has a bit in it and I can't even change it, or I feel that I am missing something, when in fact I am not and the machine is just nice, new and stiff.
Ahhh the pleaseure of being allowed to play on a new machine!
Thanks guys