View Full Version : Questions about Runner4404speeds IH mill

10-13-2007, 02:51 AM
We wrote this as a post to answer LUCKY13's questions on Runner's new mill. We just repeated it here as a thread to let people know who we are and how we do business at Industrial Hobbies.
I'm Gene from Industrial Hobbies. There seems to be a little confusion on the mill that Runner440 has and what it is. We spoke to Runner this week and he can't wait to put the CNC Kit together. It is from the first run of Big Head Mills that Aaron received after the design change and was shipped to Runner in 2006. He just opened it up last week. It was made in early 2006. The ways are semi ground, a great improvement over the old ways, but not perfect. On our new mills the ways are near perfect and the fit, finish and tram has also been improved greatly. Take it out of the crate, lubricate it and use it. We have since sold countless numbers of these mills and with the response we are getting, almost everyone is more than pleased. As far as what Runner has is a Standard 3 Axis CNC Mill Kit. Yes there is a H/D version also available. These are both on the IH Website as before seeing that it is the same Website as it was before. The only difference is that we have added the Turnkey CNC Mill and the DRO Combo Manual Mills. Maybe it is a little hard to navigate our website, but it is still all there plus a little more. There is no secret to anything that we do or sell. The Complete Turnkey CNC Mill is less than $10,000 Plug And Play, also on the IH Website. The options available are on the site, but because of the variables we again don't list the prices. Because we custom build and test every CNC Mill, we need and use customer info to discuss and order this product. Only phone inquiries and orders are available for the Turnkey. We have delivered dozens of these mills and we like the personal side of the business to meet our customers and fulfill there every need. This is not a little purchase and everyone wants something a little different or special to fit their requirements. Therefore the personal contact is the only way we sell our Turnkey CNC Mills. We have over 500 satisfied customers and we do bend over back wards to keep them that way. Nothing is perfect, but we really work hard to get there. If you would like more info about our products just give us a call and we can have a chat about anything that we build or do. Again we apologize for the lack of a flashy website with all the bells and whistles, but seeing that we do it ourselves it isn't that bad, and we are working on a new website, but Mills come first. By the way, we talk to Aaron weekly and sometimes daily, and he is doing just great. We are open 7 days a week from 8:30 in the morning till 3Am at night. We answer the phones and or return messages 7 days a week also.