View Full Version : Tachus42`s chopper board manual?

09-13-2007, 06:35 AM
Hi ,

now it´s time to buy a new set of steppermotor`s. i found one intresting model here in Finland

Model is MAE HY22200210AX08 has 8 wires, 2.1A 1.1 Ohm´s, 52.0Ncm,

So i calculate voltage 2.1x1.1 = 2.3V is that correct?

I have to find power supply for those motor´s i think 24V will be ok?

I allready have Tachus42´s 3-axis board and now i need Chopper for that.

Is there any dokument of that board? i found some resistor combination chart of that board, but not any wiring dokument for connecting Chopper to motor´s and 3-axis board

Can some one help me

How a bout those motor´s that i mentioned will they be ok?

Best regards

Jarkko From Finland