View Full Version : Non-LPT Digital IO? Boost function?

05-03-2004, 01:56 PM
I downloaded Mach 2 and it looks very good. I have also looked at EMC, and Mach2 seems to be EMC made into a product. And with a very good documentation.

A couple of things I could not find though:

Can I use an industrial digital I/O card?
It is just some addresses to write to set output, and other addresses to read inputs. Actually simpler than a parport. And it has built in galvanic isolation and filters.

My stepper drives have a boost input that when activated will increase the motor current. My mill needs it, as the motors have to move close to 200Kg. So the drives can be commanded to give extra current when accelerating. But it have to be done by the program. The drives cannot sense that the steprate is increasing and apply boost themselves. Does Mach2 support this?