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07-04-2007, 08:37 PM
I have visited the CNC zone many times as a member and think it is great.
I’m attempting to build my first CNC router. Have acquired a used complete model CVM 1 retrofit for three axis milling machine built by Vector Engineering. Motors are Glentex model GM 4020-1. They are 368 in. oz. torq permanent magnet DC servomotors.
“X” axis will be Tompson rods and linear ball bushings.
“Y” axis is a Tompson built linear motion device with “V” rails and “V” rollers I have modified to serve my need.
“Z” axis is Tompson built linear motion I will modify.
Lead screws are ½ - 13- thread rod and Derlin nuts I fabricate.
Lead screws will be coupled direct to motors.
Hopefully there will be enough travel to be able to cut a 24” diameter circle.
I’m a retired machinist with 47 years of operating conventional machines I don’t have any CNC machine experience.
I will probably have a lot of questions before I complete this project.
The first question is does anyone know where to connect the main power source inside the control cabinet and what voltage and is it single phase or three phase?