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07-02-2007, 10:39 PM
I built my first machine a year ago and was not happy with the design. I have now torn it all down and will keep the electonics and some of the other parts. I am calling this project Scappy1 because I am using scrap from the previous build and found some scrap wood and pipe in my garage that should work out nice on the new build.

I have a 1-1/2 hp router that was on the previous machine. I cut off all of the ribs from the shell and ground them down with a dremel tool. Then sanded it down to make smooth. I ordered some U-Bolts from McMaster Carr that fit perfect around the router body. I sleeved the U-Bolts with some 3/8" clear tubing from another project. The sleeving should help for a tight fit with the clamps and provide some vibration dampering. Attached is the McMaster Carr drawing for the clamp, using qty 2

Got a great deal on some skate bearings on ebay and 4' of aluminum angle from McCaster Carr. Looking to make the X and Y axis with the pipe and skate bearing construction, still considering what is best for the Z. Attached is a pic of the bearings, ordered 16 for the build.