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Mike Boarman
06-10-2007, 06:55 PM
I am having trouble with my homemade CNC router using steppers and gecko control boards. Mach 3 (latest version) is used to run maching.

I hand conduct to route wires and that worked for a while. . I started having limit switches trigered when not near one and the software and computer would reboot.

I have since learned that conduct is a no no and have removed all conduct plus have grounded outside using a ground rod all ground connectors.

When I run the X Y and Z at the same time the Z rumbles and misses steps consistantly with the Y and the Z in the same direction every time?

Please advise!!!

06-10-2007, 09:19 PM
I do not understand everything you wrote.

What do you mean by "Hand conduct"
What is a conduct
what does this mean: "grounded outside using a ground rod all ground connectors."

I'll try to adress your issue anyways.

Grounding wires is very important. It is also just as important to do it the right way, especially for limit switches. The wires should have a ground shield. try this: cut away part of the outermost layer of plastic on your wires for the limit switch. under the outerlayer of plastic should be a layer of aluminium foil or wire mesch. it should surround all the inner wires.

This is a ground shield, it should be connected only at ONE end. It should be considered like a wire and connected its own pin in the electrical connectors. the ground shield should be completely unconnected at the limit switch and have a continous electrical path all the way back to your electronic controller box. The ground shield is connected to my electronic box. The electronic box is in the same ground circuit as all the electronics in it.

MY electronic controller box does NOT share a ground with my PC in the parralel connector. I am not sure if this is correct though.

A ground wire should only be connected at one end.

If a ground wire path is connected at two ends then you may have a "Ground loop" and that can cause problems.

grounding is a common problem, but your question is not really a Mach issue, you should try posting in a place better suited to elctronic issues, you'll get better help.