View Full Version : Hyudai HIT 18s W/ 840C Boot Hangs

03-15-2019, 04:00 PM

I have a Hyundai HIT 18S with a siemens 840C that is does not fully boot the flexos/drdos/operator area. The control hangs at the same screen whether booting to general reset or normal mode. Attached, is a picture of the display. My picture is missing the red 'waiting' message that blinks on the top right corner of the screen. Before the control boots to the final screen, it displays an '105002 No Communication NCK' alarm. It is not possible to boot into the reset mode to reload the NC + PLC.
I also have a picture of the control rack. The PLC RED LED has repeating 5-blink pattern that, per the manual, indicates the PLC can not talk to the link ram. The NCK alternates between flashing a 0 and 1 on its LED display. The MMC LED is an 8.

The DR DOS boot process can be interrupted and the NC keyboard seems to work. Any thoughts on what card MMC, NCK or PLC to try and replace first? Any Ideas on the minimum configuration necessary for the machine to boot?