View Full Version : Need Help! Syntec 6mb 1530 ATC Post Processor For HSM

02-28-2019, 01:03 PM
Hi I'm new here and to the CNC world. I bought a Blue Elephant 1530 ATC rotary tool changer with 300mm rotary axis running along the Y axis, side rotary machine. I am coming off artcam and into Inventor HSM built in.
There is a syntec post in artcam but not HSM.
So being I am new to this I don't think I should be messing around with modding a post without direction.
Or if someone went through the same problem and had a post they would be able to send me I sure would be grateful.

What I have read already: RS-274D/rs274 is close to syntec and people been modding that post.

And the same thing for the rotary no post. I'm starting to question if it's worth converting from artcam to inventor. Inventor sure is a lot faster.

Any help would be appreciated.

03-26-2019, 09:33 PM