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01-22-2019, 06:53 PM
Hi, I have had some distractions from this project and could use some advice / clarification. I have the main components mounted onto a test board at this point to make sure things actually work before mounting them on the cnc.


Controller and break out board
- Mk3 – 9 axis controller / https://planet-cnc.com/product/cnc-usb-controller-mk3-9-axis/
- TNG license
- Adapter with screw terminals / https://planet-cnc.com/product/adapter-with-screw-terminals/
- Related ribbon cables

- MPG adapter / https://planet-cnc.com/product/adapter-for-mpg-pendant/
- MPG Pendant
- Still working on this area – might have installed the software incorrectly and need to re-load.

Stepper Motor drivers
- Gecko 213V single axis controller
- Gecko 540V multi axis controller


Gecko 213V + Motor hook up
- Connecting the controller to the break out board - complete
- Connecting the break out board to the Gecko 213V – complete
- Testing 213V with a stepper motor – complete and works

Gecko 540 + Motor hookup.
- Most of the stepper motor signals come into the 540 via a parallel port.
- Connecting the controller directly of via the break out board to the gecko 540V parallel port – TBD – need advice
- Does it make sense to buy a parallel port cord, slice it open, and then just wire this to the break out board?
- Should I use this cord to just wire point to point right to the controller board?

I have seen a few parallel port break out boards, but I really question if it makes sense to go through (controller on board plugs) – (ribbon cable) – (break out board) – (individual wires for multiple drives) – (parallel port break out board adapter) – (parallel cable) – (540 driver)

Must be an easier way to pull this off - right?



02-01-2019, 07:49 AM
For gecko 540: https://planet-cnc.com/product/adapter-with-db25-connector/