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01-13-2019, 12:51 PM
Hello, This is my first time using any type of CNC software, slowly I am learning. Right now I am a little stumped on motor limits and setting my limit switches. I have two problems at the moment.

The first: So my Routakit was set up with 3 limit switches. I had them set up and everything was showing up in the IO when triggered. I moved the Y axis switch from the back side of the machine down to the front. It is working fine but now the X axis will not trigger. Thought that maybe there was a loose wire but that is not the case. The green E light on the IO is lit up, not sure if that means error or not.

The second: So I was going to follow this motor limit procedure https://planet-cnc.com/motor-limits/ but I am confused. The motor settings page has limit values in both negative and positive directions for all axis. If I want to set my absolute zero to the far right back corner of the machine, wouldn't you just have one limit value on the far side of the machine for X and one at the bottom for Y, and one at the top of the Z. I posted a picture example I found from Carbide 3D. So in the motor settings page would you put zeros in for the positive values areas?


01-14-2019, 08:41 AM
1. How are your limit switches configured in settings?
Can you post screenshot?

2. Yes, but that would mean that you would have un-defined work area.
Your machine work table still has physical limits. With motor and motion limits you set these limits so that software can stop machine in soft manner when limits of machine are achieved.