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Dennis Bohlke
05-09-2007, 11:11 PM
Taig Mill Draw and Cut with SuperCamXp, 06:47 minutes

Engraving Shamrock from DXF file on Desktop Taig Mill, 06:18 minutes

DXF to G-code File SuperCamXp Tutorial, 02:38 minutes

You might find the videos entertaining. They demonstrate my approach to machine tool control.

The Taig Mill has stepper motors, that are micro stepped at 1600 steps per revolution. This gives a step size of 0.00003125 inch for each axis.

The Mighty Box controller has the USB interface built into it. There are also two relays built in, the relay A is used to turn on/off the spindle motor. The Relay B can be used to automatically turn on/off cutting fluids.

The control software is SuperCamXp, which is a direct CAD interface to the mill. The mill follows the centerline of the graphic items in the drawing. Tool path drawings can be created within the program or imported from other CAD applications.

There is usually no need to use G and M code files. The drawing is the tool path. There are drawing editing commands within SuperCamXp.

The graphics area is animated with the mill’s movement in real time. The space bar acts as the emergency stop when the machine is in motion.

There are more videos on how to use SuperCamXp at my web site at:

SuperCamXp also works with my USB CamPod, that has a parallel port connector on it. This way I can use it with the Gecko Powered controllers, I make with the more common step and direction parallel port interface.

Dennis Bohlke

05-10-2007, 04:29 PM
Now that is a cool system.
Wish I could afford it.