View Full Version : Duet 2 from Duet3d

12-29-2018, 05:51 PM
I just want to recognize the Duet 2 wifi board from Duet3d. I got into printers when it first started and then let it sit for years. I used a couple early versions of Ramps back then and never liked that you transferred using USB and had to dedicate your computer while printing.
I researched electronics this year including complete printers with electronics. I went with a printer that had no electronics so I could try this board. after playing with it for a while I find it amazingly smooth to work with.
You can upload a part using your web browser and prety much operate the machine remotely. Just log into the website to see job progress. I also found their documentation to be excellent. Knowing that with belts you need a high stepper resolution, this board comes with 256 and curves are really smooth. if you farily technical and don't want to build a printer from ground up or if you are tired of existing electronics on your machine I'd check it out.