View Full Version : Hobbycnc Power Supply

05-03-2007, 04:29 PM
When I did inventory on my parts and then reading the instructions (that is a first) I read that instead of the 10 amp transformer originally reccomended I could be using up to 20 amps later on with larger steppers. I have a DC 24 volt 32 amp power supply that I salvaged last year. My question is if I use this supply would I be in trouble by overpowering the system. I would like to use it but thought I should ask first before applying any power.
The other question which is for later when building another machine. The board is a 4 axis Hobbycnc Pro and would like to know if you can apply something like a buffer to increase the output for larger steppers. I believe the terminology may be right but not sure.
Thanks for any info as it is appreciatted especially on this cnc setup.