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10-26-2018, 03:36 AM
I have some questions about scripting in TNG

1). in general : Is there some tutorial or manuals on this toppic. (other than the example-scripts in planet-cnc blog)

2) specific :
a). is there one or more ways to call a script from the inside of another script ? How?

b) M6.gcode file in script-folder looks like below
I have some problems to understand underlying logic. If I put M6 into code, the script is called - but what happens with the M6 inside the script. It obviously does not call the script again. Is it ignored ?

#<spindle> = #<_spindle> ;store spindle state
M5; stop spindle
(msgdlg,Change tool #<_current_tool,0> to #<_selected_tool,0>)
M6; toolchange
#<_spindle> = #<spindle> ;restore spindle state

Tnx a lot