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10-23-2018, 03:51 AM

First off, I've been using planet cnc with mk3/4 on two machines for 2+ years and it works really well. Compared it with a few other controllers in real semi-industrial applications and it's significantly faster/smoother.
Which is why I want to use it on my new builds (a few machines actually), large routers with two motors rack&pinion driving a wide and rather heavy duty gantry. For that I would absolutely need to be able to home both sides of the gantry to maintain squareness, automatically.
Connecting the two motors via belt is simply not an option, nor is it a real solution in this case.

I've searched the forums and the manual and seen old posts about that not being possible with Planet cnc, despite repeated requests. I've seen some users that hacked somewhat of a solution, but making my own electronic boards and such is something I really don't have the time to fiddle with.

Is this something that's possible to implement without making my own electronic circuits? or perhaps already been resolved?


10-23-2018, 04:31 AM
In TNG it is possible to create homing script that does this. I don't have script here right now but if you are not in a hurry then wait for tutorial on this topic.

10-23-2018, 04:39 AM
Awesome, glad to hear that.

Yes a tutorial will be greatly appreciated! Guess it's going to be time to take the plunge and make the move to TNG.


10-23-2018, 04:55 AM
Next TNG version will be awesome. I'm working on it right now and I'm very excited. But there is a lot more work to do.

10-23-2018, 07:28 AM
Next TNG version will be awesome. I'm working on it right now and I'm very excited. But there is a lot more work to do.

Can't wait. I'm very pleased with TNG, it's proving to be reliable and smoooooth!
When is G76 (screwcutting) going to be up & running again?


10-25-2018, 05:35 PM
Next TNG version will be awesome. I'm working on it right now and I'm very excited. But there is a lot more work to do.

Any teaser? What are the planned changes?

10-27-2018, 03:12 AM
Yes a bit of a heads up, would be encouraging for loyal followers?

11-21-2018, 02:59 AM
Made the move to TNG a couple weeks ago on my smaller machine and so far really impressed! runs smoother and quieter, and the ability to customize the ui buttons/tabs is great.
Now just need to sort out the dual motor homing so I can get on with the larger routers..

So any chance of that tutorial or some help with a custom homing script?


11-21-2018, 07:36 AM
Very soon. It should be by the end of this week.

11-22-2018, 11:12 AM
Alright great! waiting impatiently :)

11-26-2018, 10:35 AM
Hey guys! Long way past the end of that week?? How about a timing update.

11-28-2018, 03:14 AM
Any progress with this?

11-30-2018, 07:57 AM
Please follow this link for tutorial on gantry squaring:

If you will have any troubles or doubts using this tutorial please contact us and we will help if you get stuck.

We will also be very happy of any feedback. This way we will be able to improve this tutorial and make it more efficient and user friendly.

12-06-2018, 07:27 AM
Any feedback?

02-09-2019, 02:36 PM
Thank you. Yes that suffices as a workaround, although not the most elegant solution.
Would be much better if we could run a custom homing script or a custom 'squaring' button without closing/changing profiles, and eliminate the possibility of whoever is running the machine forgetting to switch back to the regular working profile.
I tend to look at homing before a job as good practice, making sure that everything is where it's supposed to be. with this method it can get kinda cumbersome.

REALLY happy with TNG btw, been working a treat on my smaller machine save a couple small issues I found:
1.'start from line' seems to change operating into exact stop mode? decelerating and accelerating for each line segment.
2. on screen jog buttons cause jerky first movement.
perhaps these two issues relate to the same thing?

02-12-2019, 06:34 AM
Start from selected line has been discussed in separate topic.: https://www.cnczone.com/forums/planetcnc/374780-cnc.html

Regarding jerky jog movement:

Please perform steps in this article, specially USB HUB connection of controller with PC.

Best regards, Team PlanetCNC