View Full Version : Problem Esprit "eating" RAM, processor, hard drive

09-26-2018, 05:46 AM

I'm posting this thread because i had a problem with Esprit.
The software use RAM/processor/hard drive like a mother fu****

For example:
- If i have two open files on different windows and with any calculation, it is normal that Esprit use 4/5 GB of RAM.
- If we are working on a mold sometimes Esprit is eating 12Gb of ram and use 100% of the disk and the processor!!! :eek:
I don't think that this is a normal behavior.

Anyone with the same problem? Or do you have suggestions to improve performance?

The machine have the current setup:
- I7 - 7700 4.2 Ghz
- RAM - 16 GB dual channel
- SSD Hard Drive
- Nvidia P6000