View Full Version : New to tng and mk3 board. Think i may have found a tool measure and work offset bug?

09-19-2018, 10:18 PM
I think I may have found a bug. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong?

I have found that if I use a tool a lot longer than the tool I used to set the fixed position tool sensor, the work offset and tool length offset go nuts. For example, I set up the fixed position sensor location with a standard 3/8 end mill and it protrudes about 1.75 from the collet. Tool measure and work offset work correctly with tools of similar size. When I load a 3/8 jobber drill bit that sticks out about 4 in from the collet, thing start to act very funny. The machine looses the correct offset position, and when I run a program it acts like it goes back to the exact tool length offset that I used to set up the fixed position sensor.

I never had these issues on my mk2 with the old software. I used it quite a bit years back.