View Full Version : Need Help Please - Chiron FZ18W Tool Changer Problem

09-08-2018, 05:02 PM
Hey Guys,

We've recently been repairing an old (1990) Chiron FZ18W CNC mill. We've had mostly success with the repair of the other faulty parts, but we've hit a wall with this problem. This Chiron FZ18W uses a basket tool changer. The tools are arranged around the spindle and changed via pneumatic cylinders and spring loaded tool holder release mechanism.

Unfortunately, most of our tool holder-"holders"/mechanism are not aligning with the spindle and the small pins around the spindle which releases the "holder's" bracket that holds the tool holder in place either catch to early bending the brackets or don't press in deep enough (The spring loaded mechanism is used due to the spindle indexing itself in regards to the new tool position each time the tool changes - it locks the tool holder in the correct position for loading and unloading). It looks like the mechanism/holder isn't properly aligning to the "spring release pin" and the holder/mechanism isn't at the correct height for the spindle to lock the pull stud. Some of the tool holder's pull studs do get locked by the spindle's draw bar, but it pulls the holder against the tool holder which then rubs against each other when the spindle runs.

At the top of the tool changer there are 2 main pneumatic cylinders which pushes and pulls the basket of pneumatic cylinders up and down, in order for the tool to be loaded and unloaded. There seems to be 2 studs with nuts that set the height of the basket in respect to the spindle - but we're unsure of the precise height that these nuts should be locked down ?

I would really appreciate any help or advice. Here is a photo of a similar tool changer basket from below :