View Full Version : rewiring a 4896 with existing Mitsubishi Servo Controllers

07-13-2018, 03:35 PM
I picked up a 4896 secondhand this last week for a great deal. I've been building my own machine and only had a few of the really expensive parts left to buy. The entire machine was cheaper than the remaining parts I needed to finish my machine- so now I own a Sabre 4896. only catch is it has a bad breakout motion control board, and is missing its spindle (at least it came with the VFD).

The machine is outfitted with Mitsubishi MR-E-20A-QZ AC Servo Motor controls. I had previously purchased a generic 4 axis 400hz breakout board for running Mach3. Can a standard breakout board like this be used with these types of motor controllers? if so, can anyone help me understand the wiring from board to motor controller? all the other inputs and outputs seem pretty straight forward.