View Full Version : XZero 30x60 Raptor Settings

04-16-2018, 02:31 PM
After far too long my 30x60 Raptor is finally up and moving. I`m hoping there are some XZero owners running a similar setup that can help me get the best performance out of my machine.

Setup is as follows:
382 oz-in Nema 23 steppers (HS23B30A) - 5 A/phase 1.9 mH (8 wire stepper wired in parallel)
Leadshine MX4660
Meanwell 48V 10A power supply (NDR-48-480)
2010 ballscrew on X-axis
1605 ballscrew on Y-axis
1605 ballscrew on Z-axis

Controlled via UCCCNC using a UC300ETH-5LPT

MX4600 settings:
Current DIP switches set to 4.95A peak to match steppers?
Recommended micro step resolution settings?
Engage 'smoother' switch?

Recommended velocity and acceleration settings?

I would very much like to change my Y-axis to a 1610 ballscrew to keep the stepper motor RPM down. The machine was supposed to come with a 1610 but was supplied with a 1605 and I was never able to get it resolved with George before he went offline. I'm told the end machining on the ballscrew isn't generic so I have been reluctant in sourcing an EBay vendor that can machine a 1610 screw to George's dimensions.

Any and all info is appreciated.


11-19-2018, 06:42 PM
I have nearly the exact same setup but I'm also just finally getting it put back together.