View Full Version : ATC and umbrella magazine problem

04-11-2018, 12:06 PM
I have a Fehlmann Picomax 82 CNC-HF with Heindenhain 426 controller and I'm having a problem with the ATC arm initial alignment. The problem started when in a program I called a tool and the machine stopped in the middle of the process. First I replaced the sensors, one of them was damaged. After that I checked the valves and the oil pump and I think they are working fine.
The problem is that the controller gives me the "check tool pos. in magazine 33" error. I've already changed the pocket and tool positions by hand to force the rotation of the tool magazine but i have all the tools in the right pockets and position.
Besides that, the machine stays stopped with the ATC arm and doesn't give me any error .
Is there any solution to check the tool magazine commands or reset it? I cant rotate the magazine by hand.

Any help would be nice.