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03-25-2004, 11:36 PM
Yes there is no free lunch.
But how about a free half chewed IE cookie?

Anyone seen this one:



03-26-2004, 01:03 AM
Dont get that kit for a CNC. there are better options, for less money. That kit could be used to

A) learn about stepers and unipolar drivers, or B)be a convenient "test" board for unipolar drivers

there are many problems with that board as a cnc driver.

1-low power output - that board will probably be slow and low powered for any sizeable operation
2-built in clock - while a pulse source may be usefull for testing, for machine drivers, its not needed.
3-expensive- i wish i could give you the link, but i have seen 4amp unipolar kits built around a similar IC pair for step-logic that were like $15 and compact and cute.

xylotex.com is a best option in the $30-40 price range - probably... they have a nice 2.5amp bipolar chopper board. it is cfer far supperior to the board you sent the link for. it comes with great support from the designer of the board. be carefull though, they are intolerant of improper hookup - however, many people seem very happy with their xylotex boards.

hope this helps. if you want more info on good, chep drives, search this place for "cheap driver"

you will find what you want. ive seen boards ranging from 5$ to $500 discussed in detail here