View Full Version : Heat Source/Oven help needed...

03-31-2018, 11:44 PM

Beginner here. Currently about to start building my first vacuum forming rig. Platen size will be 43cm by 83cm with a top down/overhead oven.

I was initially hoping to use 4 × 500w halogen elements from two old heaters I've got. I liked the idea of using them because it took a lot of hard stuff out when it comes to the electrical system (I know, probably not that hard. But for a beginner it can all be overwhelming).

But, the elements are only 30cm long, and I've only got four. So mounting them to get good coverage is hard.

The obvious way is like this:
*drawing not to scale but measurements are correct.

But I'm unsure whether that will be adequate? Being an overhead oven it will mostly be relying on radiative heating, and with the elements mounted as above I'd be worried about uneven heating or hotspots.

What do you all think? Can I make it work with these four elements or do I need to do something else?

I figure that I might just be able to make the oven deeper, thus the elements will be further away hopefully minimising hotspots under the elements? It might take longer but might work?

Aso, while I've got you here. I assume 1/4inch piping is too small for this job vac former? I got a bunch of spares from a previous project but it seems like they'll be too small. But its worth asking.