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04-09-2007, 09:31 AM

As I am going to build a router using Joe's 2006 R-2 plans I needed some simple design router so - 28 hours of work and I have some wery simple/cheap design. Precision is not the best, but as I said - it has only one goal - to build my new router.
I live in Latvia (EU) so it is a problem to get electronics, so the only way I found suitable to me was ordering complete HobbyCNC controller from Mike Beck at www.mikebeck.org so now I am waiting for electronics to arrive.
I still have some work to do (bearingholder for y axis, motor holders) but I just wanted to share some photos of my work.

04-09-2007, 09:40 AM
Hi feverex,

Congrats on your first post!! :) And congratulations on your new build. I like the one you have already, it looks good considering it's just to build joe's router. Ok, a bit rough around the edges, but still, if it works. :D
I just started my second build. I built the solsylva machine first, and now Im building my own design. I look forward to watching your progress.

I've seen a few people from new the EU states say that they can't get parts shipped to them and they have trouble paying with credit cards. Sorry about that, I'm sure its a pain in the a@@. I suppose over time businesses in the US and elsewhere will log the new EU countries in their systems and start to change their policies.

Although, if its any consolation, its not just the new EU states that have trouble getting parts. Im in Ireland and its a headache sourcing bits for a build. I find a lot of the EU companies won't deal with you unless your a business or your buying in bulk, and in this line of hobby, buying in bulk costs €€€€€ !! :eek:

Anyway, with the exchange rates and the cheaper price of everything in the USA, its not much more expensive to buy from there anyway.

I also used the HobbyCNC system. Its a great board and I haven't had any problems with it thus far. In my new build Im adding a 4th axis for dual leadscrews, and Im adding in a relay control board plus a breakout board for e-stop and stuff.

Good luck with your build. :)


11-19-2008, 03:21 PM
My god how much time have passed since I spent time on my CNC.
Have now compleated this CNC - will post images maybe next week, because have no time (I live in city center and can work on CNC once in 2-3 weeks).

Now started the Joe's build:) the first part goes in attachment... Nice one...excluding those testing holes:) and not cutting inner cut - due to problems with z axis backslash solution not so good(chair).
Actually it is the second cut, the first one was 2/3 'rds of the size needed - due to bad motor tuning:)

11-19-2008, 04:14 PM
Hi again....welcome back!! :) I've moved onto my 3rd build since I posted above. Please keep us informed on your build.

12-01-2008, 03:37 PM
Got a little time on my cnc - by the way it now looks like this:)
Cut all the Joes R-2 y axis vertical ribs:)