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03-15-2018, 06:18 PM
Hello everyone, I have some question about the control cards about ramps 1.4

Firstly, I wouldlike to mention a little bit about the project background then I will list myquestions. Any help is appreciated :)

Background: I am anundergraduate mechanical eng. student and I have a project that requires me tobuild a CNC milling machine with an automatic tool changer. The axes ranges areboth 1 meter in x and y directions, and it will be used to machine polymers. Iam planning to use Ramps 1.4 for the control card and I am also planning to useLCD to stream the G-codes with an SD card.


1) Since I will beusing the Ramps card for CNC milling operations, which CAM software do I needto use to generate the appropriate G-codes. And in what extension these G-codefile should be?

2) How do I connectthe spindle to the system and how can I control the rotation speed? Do I needto by additional equipment(s)?

3) Since the axesranges are relatively long I will use the Nema 23 steppers with an appropriatemotor drivers. Can I connect these drivers, with capable power supply ofcourse, without any problem?

4) Is there anyutility slots in Ramps for me to integrate the automatic tool changer once Ifigured out how the tool changer would be?

5) Do I need tochange anything in Marlin software to use it for milling operations?

6) Any additionaladvices? :)

Thank you for yourhelp!