View Full Version : New Machine Build Torch Height Control on Y AXIS instead of Z

03-07-2018, 11:55 AM
Is it possible to switch THC (TMC 3in1) and ESS with MACH3 to work with a different axis than Z.

I want to plasma cut the sides and top of my metal pieces - the are about 600mm x 600mm x 100mm high. That size means I can not turn them on their side on the table.

Then I want to be able to use THC on this vertical side, so instead of using THC to modulate the Z height, it modulates the Y movement.

It would appear to me in WARP9 ESS and mach3, THC is coupled to Z control. So in order to get it to do it on X, I need to swap the meaning of Z and Y axis in the output configuration.

I expect to have separate GCODE file for top and sides, the operator will do the top first and then the sides. When the top is done, torch orientation and motor config has to be changed.

Ultimately I want to get to an automatic place and use 4th axis to rotate the torch head.

I do have full control of the CAD and CAM, so will also look at doing this earlier in the production.