View Full Version : More 2UVR questions

Tony Montana
04-06-2007, 02:17 PM
Hello folks,

My new (to me) mill is finally in my shop. It was totally rebuilt and rescrapped in '79, and by the lack of backlash in the table axes - 0.007 in the Y and 0.013 in the X - I believe it wasn't used very much after that. Unfortunately it sat for quite some time, probably outside. The scraping marks are clearly visible on all the ways but they are rusted pretty badly, especially the knee ways on the column.

So, I've decided that the best route is to fully disassemble, clean, inspect, de-rust, strip, repaint, etc. A big job, no doubt, but the result should be very nice indeed. This is where my questions begin...

I've completely gone through several lathes without a hitch so I'm not worried about tearing it down and getting it back together correctly. However, if there is a best way to disassemble a mill, or anything that I should be watching out for during disassembly that might save me some heartache/time I'd love to hear about it!

Second, as the ways are in great shape with the exception of being rusted what is the best approach to clean them up? Wire wheel, bead blast (can't do that on the column though), light stoning, rust remover chemical, some combination of these...other suggestions?

Third, some ham fist broke off the lock mechanism that holds the turret to the column (just above the door in the side of the column). The ram is rotated way off to one side respect to the table so leaving it as-is is not an option. Is anyone here familiar with how that lock works, and how it comes apart? Am I correct that in normal operation you loosen the lock and then rotate the turret by hand? The manual that I downloaded doesn't show that part of the mill...

Fourth, the spindle has a fair amount of rotational slop. I'm guessing that means new parts will be required: new spindle and/or driving gear? I'll know more once it's apart.

Any help or advice that you can give me will be greatly appreciated.