View Full Version : Chinese Clones=New user

02-06-2018, 09:49 PM
I order a 3040 machine from China and it came with a Planet controller clone.
Thank god for that. :)
Don't take me wrong they are crap for hardware but it introduce me to the PlanetCNC setup.
All the problems I had it was from bad clone hardware and un-shielded wires.
When i bough it, I thought I would received a Mach3 clone and I all ready had order a Centroid controller.
But now that used the PlanetCNC setup, I order the real MK3 controller and software.
And it will be my standard setup for the next 2 CNC machines.
Now, I got a brand new Centroid controller for sale....lol....:banana:
Good job guys.


p.s. I wish it was more touch screen friendly, I'm using All In One with touch screen.