View Full Version : want container for storing thick objects in binder

10-15-2017, 06:54 AM
First time vacuum former builder/user here. I wanted to make a transparent case for holding a computer processor (CPU, graphics, audio) collection I'm starting. It would be similar to photo inserts you put in a binder, except more rigid.

The simplest way is to just vacuum form the chips with clear PETG and leave the back open, relying on a force fit. I tried it but then it becomes really hard to take them out, which visitors would want to do frequently.

My next idea is to loosely vacuum form the chips and notches that you can snap together.
But using 2 sheets seems wasteful and the snap mechanism seems awkward.

My 3rd idea is to use a combination of vacuum forming and 3D printing. I would 3D print a holder for each chip with a cover that you can snap on and off, so you can easily take the chip out.
But this is more work than I'd like.

I'm just wondering is there a standard vacuum forming technique to do what I want.