View Full Version : Need Help! NEED HELP FOR 4TH AXIS INDEXING

09-16-2017, 03:20 AM
Hello Guys.

This is a simple pocket cutting program ( X,Y,Z ). I have wrapped the program in Y Axis and now Y axis movements has been converted
in Rotary Axis.and now the rogram is ( X,C,Z ). I want to run this program on a Brass Cylinder whose Diamater is 254mm. The cavity size
which I want to cut on this Roller is 45 mm round. I want to cut 15 cavities ( 24 degree ) in the periphery of the Cylinder. I have made a program
it cuts the first pocket and do the indexing for next cavity ( rotates 24 degree ) but the moment the subprogram ( cavity program ) starts the
Rotary Axis ( C Axis ) comes back to the first pocket and starts cutting the same pocket again.

G91 G17
M03 S1000


M98 P1 C0
M98 P1 C24
M98 P1 C48
M98 P1 C72
M98 P1 C96
M98 P1 C120
M98 P1 C144
M98 P1 C168
M98 P1 C192
M98 P1 C216
M98 P1 C240
M98 P1 C264
M98 P1 C288
M98 P1 C312
M98 P1 C336




( A1 CNC DATE=DD-MM-YY - 15-09-17 TIME=HH:MM - 05:25 )
( TOOL - 1 DIA. OFF. - 1 LEN. - 1 DIA. - 10. )

N100 G00 G90
N104 Z10.
N106 G00 G90 X21.819 C3.10751
N108 Z0.
N110 G01 Z-.1 f1000.
N112 X22.361 C2.18626F1000.
N114 X22.712 C1.24833
N116 X22.87 C.30227
N118 X22.88 C0.
N120 X22.791 C-.91177
N122 X22.496 C-1.88354
N124 X22.032 C-2.78448
N126 X21.35 C-3.71069
N128 X20.535 C-4.55163
N130 X19.496 C-5.4025
N132 X18.286 C-6.20373
N134 X16.919 C-6.94903
N136 X15.407 C-7.63117
N138 X13.763 C-8.24608
N140 X12.004 C-8.78746
N142 X10.145 C-9.25214
N144 X8.203 C-9.63607
N146 X6.195 C-9.93653
N148 X4.138 C-10.15218
N150 X2.051 C-10.28076
N152 X0. C-10.32226
N154 X-2.056 C-10.28031
N156 X-4.209 C-10.14632
N158 X-6.206 C-9.93518
N160 X-8.258 C-9.62659
N162 X-10.122 C-9.2571
N164 X-12.006 C-8.78701
N166 X-13.78 C-8.24022
N168 X-15.429 C-7.62214
N170 X-16.939 C-6.93865
N172 X-18.299 C-6.19652
N174 X-19.497 C-5.40204
N176 X-20.524 C-4.56246
N178 X-21.372 C-3.68588
N180 X-22.035 C-2.77952
N182 X-22.509 C-1.85151
N184 X-22.791 C-.90951
N186 X-22.88 C0.
N188 X-22.787 C.92756
N190 X-22.49 C1.89888
N192 X-22.022 C2.79982
N194 X-21.338 C3.72558
N196 X-20.519 C4.56652
N198 X-19.477 C5.41648
N200 X-18.265 C6.21682
N202 X-16.895 C6.96076
N204 X-15.38 C7.64199
N206 X-13.735 C8.25556
N208 X-11.974 C8.79603
N210 X-10.113 C9.25936
N212 X-8.17 C9.64193
N214 X-6.161 C9.94104
N216 X-4.104 C10.15489
N218 X-2.016 C10.28211
N220 X0. C10.32226
N222 X2.021 C10.28211
N224 X4.175 C10.14902
N226 X6.172 C9.93969
N228 X8.225 C9.63201
N230 X10.089 C9.26432
N232 X11.975 C8.79558
N234 X13.751 C8.24969
N236 X15.403 C7.63297
N238 X16.915 C6.95084
N240 X18.278 C6.20915
N242 X19.478 C5.41558
N244 X20.508 C4.5769
N246 X21.359 C3.70077
N248 X21.819 C3.10751
N250 G00 Z10.
N252 X-67.602 C.56439
N254 X-67.603 Z0.
N256 G01 X-67.602 Z-.1
N258 X-67.568 C0.
N260 X-67.658 C-.91177
N262 X-67.952 C-1.88354
N264 X-68.416 C-2.78448
N266 X-69.098 C-3.71069
N268 X-69.913 C-4.55163
N270 X-70.953 C-5.4025
N272 X-72.162 C-6.20373
N274 X-73.529 C-6.94903
N276 X-75.042 C-7.63117
N278 X-76.685 C-8.24608
N280 X-78.444 C-8.78746
N282 X-80.303 C-9.25214
N284 X-82.246 C-9.63607
N286 X-84.254 C-9.93653
N288 X-86.31 C-10.15218
N290 X-88.397 C-10.28076
N292 X-90.448 C-10.32226
N294 X-92.504 C-10.28031
N296 X-94.657 C-10.14632
N298 X-96.654 C-9.93518
N300 X-98.706 C-9.62659
N302 X-100.57 C-9.2571
N304 X-102.454 C-8.78701
N306 X-104.228 C-8.24022
N308 X-105.877 C-7.62214
N310 X-107.388 C-6.93865
N312 X-108.747 C-6.19652
N314 X-109.945 C-5.40204
N316 X-110.972 C-4.56246
N318 X-111.82 C-3.68588
N320 X-112.483 C-2.77952
N322 X-112.957 C-1.85151
N324 X-113.239 C-.90951
N326 X-113.328 C0.
N328 X-113.236 C.92756
N330 X-112.938 C1.89888
N332 X-112.47 C2.79982
N334 X-111.786 C3.72558
N336 X-110.968 C4.56652
N338 X-109.925 C5.41648
N340 X-108.713 C6.21682
N342 X-107.343 C6.96076
N344 X-105.829 C7.64199
N346 X-104.183 C8.25556
N348 X-102.422 C8.79603
N350 X-100.562 C9.25936
N352 X-98.618 C9.64193
N354 X-96.609 C9.94104
N356 X-94.552 C10.15489
N358 X-92.465 C10.28211
N360 X-90.448 C10.32226
N362 X-88.427 C10.28211
N364 X-86.273 C10.14902
N366 X-84.276 C9.93969
N368 X-82.223 C9.63201
N370 X-80.359 C9.26432
N372 X-78.473 C8.79558
N374 X-76.697 C8.24969
N376 X-75.046 C7.63297
N378 X-73.533 C6.95084
N380 X-72.171 C6.20915
N382 X-70.97 C5.41558
N384 X-69.94 C4.5769
N386 X-69.089 C3.70077
N388 X-68.423 C2.79486
N390 X-67.946 C1.86685
N392 X-67.66 C.9253
N394 X-67.602 C.56439
N396 G00 X-67.603 Z10.

N1256 G00
N1258 M05 M09
N1262 M30