View Full Version : Pathpilot and Tormach post for RhinoCam 1

09-15-2017, 10:55 PM
I am still using RhinoCam version 1. I had been using the Mach 3 post, but I bought a used Tormach 1100 that I am picking up this weekend and I plan to update it to Pathpilot. I have two questions.

1st question is what is the difference between the Tormach post and the Mach 3 post? I am assuming that post is made for the machines still running Mach 3. Is there something different with the way Tormach configures Mach 3 that requires a different post than the regular Mach 3 post?

Second question is since Rhinocam has been updated several versions since my version will the Tormach and Pathpilot posts work correctly on my older version of Rhinocam? I just tried a post with the Pathpilot post and it makes a file fine, but are there any know problems with the post when using the older version of Rhinocam?