View Full Version : using the wrong post processor?

08-28-2017, 03:15 PM
i could use some assistance in helping me fix the issues im experiencing, i think mabye in settings in sheetcam itself, or the post processor im using?

so i have been getting what I think are decent cuts out of my cnc table using the PM 45xp, but im having a few issues I dont know how to correct. and a few questions. im

cutting 12ga stainless using powermax manual specs to the T .08 pierce, .02 cut height 45 amps, feed rate is 110 ipm

my trouble is on some i would say 50/50 any inside details in my part it starts the cut and cuts the shape weather its a circle or whatever fine but it doesnt complete the cut, leaving 1/16" plus or minus of metal that in most instances is very hard to get out. i attached some pictures. and smaller holes i would say 1/4 or so smaller the hole is very jagged and not nice looking like I have seen on alot of completed parts.

is there a reason why some inside features would be fully cut and some left unfinished, in the G code using mach 3 and sheeetcam you can clearly see the details are there and its suppose to cut all the way through. any help is much appreciated.

im using the post processor MAch 3 with flame +THC, in which im cutting without my thc on at the moment.

here are the pictures. the last fish picture and inside the N and E on the name is what im talking about inside features arent being finished. and the backside of the cut seems to be thinner than the front.

11-30-2018, 10:10 AM
It may not be the problem, but check your pierce delay. If it's too short the machine is moving before the pierce is complete which will result in the same issue you are having.
Using a longer pierce delay may help. I also can't tell if you are using lead-in's and outs? If not, using them may also help avoid the pierce points affecting your cut edges.