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08-26-2017, 06:52 PM
I have come across a PC based CNC motion controller unit originally manufactured by Granite Micro-systems that has a PC-ACR8010-03 card in it. I have not actually tried to boot the PC(but should boot and run without issue as it was running and working just fine when pulled from service during an overhaul of the 3D FDM machine it was running) so I have no idea if it is running Windows NT or what software it is running but I have a few questions and am looking for some general input.

Can these cards run G-Code from a CAM program or do you have to use one of the Parker programs like ACROmill etc?

If so what are my options and how easy is it to setup? I have been using Fusion 360 to create my g-code for my little CNC router and I would probable do the same for this.

From what I can tell this Controller would work well with my Parker BLDC servos and AMC amplifiers and I could even use a couple of my steppers to move the gantry until I find comparable servos to match the ones I have. Any reason this does not make since or is it going to be extremely hard to setup? Also does the ACR8010 control the spindle via one of the I/O's or how would that work?

Last but not least, is there a market for these legacy controllers(I assume so)? If so and I don't decide to go with it where would I look to sell it and what range could I reasonably expect to get for it.

By the way I think this might be a later version of this card, maybe after Parker took over due to the fact that its part number is not broken out like in the Acroloop info and it has stickers on the main encoder processor chips and PICs with dates of 2007.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/info!

08-26-2017, 07:06 PM
I have used these cards extensively in the past, I actually attended a seminar on them in Chanhassen N.D.
They were writing their own S/W at that time (Acromill) and some plasma table companies used their PC controller.
Not sure if the later cards will run the old software which was DOS based and later a NT version.
I retrofitted two mills with the S/W, They wrote their own in house, and were on the way to being a leader until Parker took them over where I lost track of them.
I controlled a Mitsubishi VFD spindle C/W up to speed signal etc and S values.
At the time I was using them and Galil, The one thing I liked about the Acroloop was the internal PLC's as well as the CNC control.
The first software was Acrocut which is a router based CNC and later the Acromill which needed a little fine tuning to it when they were taken over.
I believe I still have the software although old hat now for DOS etc.
After the take over I went to Galil for motion systems.