View Full Version : Supermax Rebel 1, Tool changer crashed again, $3.52 seal failure to blame

08-24-2017, 10:58 AM
Well my machine did it again, ran a program and all is well, new piece in vise, run again hear a bang. Go over to machine, tool 2 is laying on the table and carousel is broke, same place as before, welds holding but it's about 1" bent down at tool position 2. Ran some manual tool changes, seems to work. I then went to put a new tool in the spindle and it just did not feel right. Short version.... The tool clamp was bleeding back and slowly moving to the clamp position, a seal failed in the hydraulic section of the clamp assembly., It's an air over oil force multiplier system. What was happening was as the carousel rotated to the new tool position the clamp was closing and the spindle would come down on top of the pull stud with the clamp closed and push the tool right through the carousel and snap the carousel in pieces.

Rebuilt the cylinders and I am having my friend, who is an electronics wiz, build an alarm circuit to watch the limit switch during a tool change that will e-stop the machine if the unclamp limit switch ever goes open while the unclamp solenoid has power..