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03-14-2007, 06:32 PM
I have a part I was working with today, it needed a I.D. pipe tap thread.
I have and still can only do straight threading with Surfcam.

Has anyone come across doing a pipe tap thread and was able to use Surfcam to program it?


03-14-2007, 10:19 PM
I would think you could create a new tap in the library, when selecting your tool. Measure up the tap, plug in dims. Really, as long as you have thread pitch right, Surfcam will calculate proper feed for your RPM.

03-14-2007, 11:23 PM
You should be able to just use the pitch of the tap and then adjust the feeds and speeds accordingly. If you are thread milling use a pipe tap thread mill and program the same as you would a normal thread mill operation.

03-15-2007, 06:17 AM
I should have specified I am looking to single point turn in a cnc lathe and the pipe thread is tapered.


03-15-2007, 08:02 AM
If your using a G76 cycle you should be able to add a "i" or "r" with "Taper" depending on your control to get the amount of taper that you need.

G<76> A<TParams> Q<VBite>
G<76> X<V> Z<H> P<Depth> r<Taper> q<Peck1> F<Frate>

03-15-2007, 05:58 PM
I have to post out long hand thread cycles.