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08-04-2017, 06:50 PM
I am looking to design and build a lathe tool turret for my Graziano SAG12 lathe that I am converting to CNC. I have been looking for a small diameter tool turret for an economical price but have not found one that will suit my needs as most are too big for my swing on the lathe. I have been doing a bunch of research and have found various methods for accomplishing the indexing (Curvic Couplings, ratcheting, etc.) I am wondering if a SPRAG clutch or one-way bearing would work for this purpose. Of course it would only be able to rotate one direction but the ratcheting ones I seen seem to operate the same way. To me this seems like a clean, no-backlash, way to accomplish the indexing operations that are required for a turret. I suppose I missing something since someone hasnt tried it yet? I was looking at a 62mm outer race and an inner race that would accomodate a 30mm shaft. I would do one on the forward end and one on the aft end. Some of the specs are as follows..

CSK30 bearing
Torque capacity: 180Nm
Max overrunning speed: 4,200rpm
Bearing load dynamic: 11.7kN
Bearing load static: 6.45kN

thanks for your help in advance...