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03-08-2004, 11:09 AM
I'm looking to make a plug of an model airplane fuselage and make a mold of it. Are there any tutorials or videos on this subject. I've seen a few on making a helicopter canopy that were really good but I'd like to see something on a aircraft fuselage.


03-13-2004, 04:23 PM
If you try searching for information about the principles of producing patterns for metal castings you will acquire most of the information you need. The difference begins when you reach the stage of applying a good finish and then a release agent.
As you are posting on a CNC forum, are you planning to machine your proposed shape?

High Seas
03-13-2004, 04:54 PM
barkster -
here are a few sites you might take a look at. I assume you are talking of molding in fiberglass/carbon and resin? You could build the mold (a 2 piece female mold) on the cnc then layup the two fuselage halves in the mold and when cured, release and join them together like the old plastic model days. I'd use delrin/acetal as the mold material and a bit of pva release wax.
Else the sites have some good ideas too:





The lost foam approach is kina cool. You could make the foam fuse then do the procedure. OOps another secret outa the bag! Gues I won't be selling any of those now.....
:cheers: Jim

03-13-2004, 09:19 PM
Thanks Jim sometimes I forget to mention what I'm really trying to do but you nailed it on the head. Thanks for the links