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02-23-2017, 04:03 AM
I use rhinocam for 4-axis processing.

But I have problem with 4 axis parallel finishing. Problem that after first move form along axis Y, A coordinate is 0 grad. It rapidly moves on nominal speed to 357 grad. Throught my part. Today such mode cutted my part and I want to know, what can I do. I use linux CNC and I haven't adjusted move from 0 to 360 grad in minus. I need it work normally without such thing.

G01 X0.0000 Y22.0000 Z117.0000 A0.000 F3000.Z111.0000 A0.000
Y29.5000 A0.000 F1500.
Y113.2500 A0.000
Y118.2500 A0.000
Y132.0000 A0.000
Y135.1250 A0.000
Y147.0000 A0.000
Y154.5000 A0.000
Y159.5000 A0.000
Y270.0000 A0.000 <- hear starts a problem
Y164.3750 A357.931 F5000. <- rapid move throught all part
Y155.0000 A357.931
Y137.5000 A357.931
Y133.7500 A357.931

In 4th axis parallel finishing > Cut pattern is setted: Along axis, Zigzag and Low to High. I use mach3 postprocessor.

02-15-2018, 09:16 AM
After a year after this post, I must say that problem was not solved. I suppose that it could be in postprocesosor. But I don't need it anymore.